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more than 25 years, GM Presswire has been the global leader in press release
distribution and regulatory disclosure.


We let the market know the good work you do  – so you can just get on and DO IT.

We understand how hard you work. The new products you have developed. The latest successes that you want to tell your clients about. You sometimes don’t have the time to let everyone know about the great work you are doing. But you needto tell clients and journalists – and you need to tell them today. So thats why we are here.

Since 2012 we have been informing global businesses, journals, newspapers and the web about the latest developments in business, the media, the arts etc. With offices around the world, we are available to assist you almost 24 hours a day. Whether it’s marketing, public relations, investor relations or public policy, you can rely on us, for dedicated, safe and meticulous circulation of news and information.

GM Presswire is your dependable source – delivering news directly to editors, journals, newspaper, leading online news sources and your potential clients. We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of business communications and news services.

The benefits are as endless as you make them – but here are a few to begin with –

  • Easy to use online production and delivery
  • Cost-effective press release services
  • Perfect for new business, small and big businesses
  • Unlimited usage
  • Global reach, direct to clients and journals
  • Increases your SEO and Google search immediately



(Press Liaison)

If you are a journalist and want to talk to one of your own - then this is the guy for you.

Justin is a former full-time journalist so knows the newspaper market like the back of his hand. He has worked for major dailies in the UK, Europe, and the U.S as a political and business correspondent. He knows what it is like to be searching around just before deadline for a story to crack, and how important a lead can be from a press release or business notice. Thats why he is super keen to get your story onto the desk of the people that will use it best. He has a degree in Politics and an M.A in Journalism.
When he isn’t cooking up a story, he can be found cooking in the kitchen. He says he likes cooking Asian food best, but we like it most when he brings his cake bakes into the office. He is a nice guy to have around, but since Justin started working at GM Presswire, we are all just that little bit bigger around the waist.



Getting your information to potential clients fast but accurately is what she does best.

Paula is a former magazine editor specialising in business information, analysis and investigative research. She has worked for major publishers across Asia and Europe – in both the B2C and B2B magazine markets. Paula’s move to the faster world of daily news and subsequently news services, gave her a renewed vigour for fast paced information, which naturally led her to working with us here at GM Presswire. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and an MA in Journalism & Media.
Paula is a massive Rugby fan, and has travelled far and wide to watch both club and International rugby. She has been at three Rugby World Cups, and is already planning her fourth. We tried to get her to come to watch a football match with us, but she says she doesn’t like the feigning injuries. We said it’s because the rugby matches let her drink pints in her seat. Then she tackled us. We won’t say it again.



If you want to get your press releases to the right people then this is your guy.

Pointing is from the U.S, and has managed large PR firms on both the East and West Coast. He moved to Europe about 10 years ago and took over a multi-national PR firm, specialising in high-tech, telco and start-up brands. Thats how we first met him, and he would come into our office to see how we could push some of the brands he was involved with. Gradually, he just stopped going away and came to work at GM Presswire, and has been the boss for the last few years.
A former professional skateboarder, he is having real trouble letting go, and despite our continued reminders that age is really getting the better of him, and one nasty fall and his hip will go, he continues to come to work on his board. He has 3 children, who he maintains are more embarrassed by his boarding than we are – and is married to the lovely Angela, who is a very patient lady.



  • – Create your unique press release
  • – Log on to GM Presswire
  • – Paste your new release in to our online form
  • – See the release appear on our website and get distributed
  • – Answer the phone and emails as your sales grow

It is a competitive world out there. There is no point in you doing all this great work, if you don’t tell people about it. So tell us and we will pass it on. Our unique and innovative distribution system ensures greater traffic for you and your website.

Are you a start up or an established business? We are here for you.

Whatever your position in the market – through innovative technologies we have reduced the cost for you to distribute your releases. By partnering with us, you can use these technologies to expand your network and secure business growth. With this straightforward, simple approach, getting started with GM Presswire has never been easier. It has never been easier to mass distribute a press release than through GM Presswire. And it has never been cheaper – so do it today.

We look forward to hearing from you.