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Biobanking For Medicine: Technology And Market 2023

February 22nd, 2021 5:07 PM

Biobanks – what are their technological and commercial prospects?

See what the future holds for biobanking in human medicine. Visiongain’s updated report gives you its revenue predictions to 2023. There you see sales data, technological trends, opportunities and financial prospects.

Our study shows you the potential of technologies, products and services for that archiving of medical biosamples. In that work you see forecasted sales at overall world market, submarket and national level. Discover what’s likely to happen from 2013.

In biobanking, many opportunities remain, especially for pharmaceutical applications. In our work you discover which areas can most develop and prosper. Read on to scan crucial features of that industry, find what drives it, and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts and other analyses to help you find the best growth opportunities

In our study you find revenue forecasting to 2023, historical data, growth rates and market shares. There you assess quantitative and qualitative analysis, business news, outlooks and developmental trends. You gain 47 tables, 44 charts and seven full research interviews.

Our work lets you investigate the most promising and lucrative aspects of biorepositories, biotrusts and biolibraries, helping you stay ahead in knowledge. That way, you reduce the risk of your missing out.

See, then, the future of preserving biosamples to benefit medicine. The following sections show what you discover there in our new report.

Find sales predictions for the world market and submarkets

Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market, you see forecasts to 2023 for three main biobanking submarkets:
• Human tissue samples
• Stem cells and related biorepository material
• Other biopreservation – including DNA, RNA and body fluids.

Our study breaks the human tissues segment into these further divisions, with forecasts to 2023:
• Commercial biorepositories – service-providing companies
• Public-sector storage facilities – hospitals, clinics, research institutes and universities.

For stem cell banking, our analysis breaks that segment into these divisions, with forecasts to 2023:
• Cord blood storage
• Other biological sample archives.

Our investigation also discusses what stimulates and restrains business for medical sample preservation. In our work you find dynamics of that healthcare industry and assess its potential sales, seeing what’s likely to achieve the most success.

That study also divides its overall world revenue forecast into those for the main geographical markets.

What prospects for leading regions and countries?
Developments worldwide will influence the biobanking industry and market, especially rising demand for those services in emerging countries – particularly India and China.

In developed and developing countries there exist many opportunities for medical biosample archiving. Our work shows potentials there. You see prospects for supplying and using storage facilities in biopreservation. Also, you see opportunities for biomedical industries.

Our analyses thus show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for eleven national markets:
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain (EU5)
• Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).

There you discover progress and outlooks. That way you assess the industry’s future – hear about developments and find their significance. Our work explains, exploring many issues.

What affects the biobanking industry and market?

Our study lets you assess trends and outlooks. There, you find discussions of issues and developments:
• Rising demand for biobanking resources
• Biobank networks and collaborations
• Pharma and biotech companies’ in-house sample storage systems
• Distribution of biosample repositories worldwide and scale of operations
• Population- and disease-orientated biosample storage
• Ownership, funding and governmental support of the facilities
• Ethics, guidelines, regulations and legislation, including quality standards
• Standardisation of processes – challenges and opportunities.

Our work also discusses these aspects of the field:
• Uses to support drug and biomarker discovery
• Applications in medical research and drug development
• Collection and storage of genomic material, esp. DNA banking
• Human embryonic (hESC) and induced pluripotent (iPSCs) stem cells
• Cancer-cell banking services and applications in oncology
• Security and ownership of biospecimens
• Relevance of the processes to in vitro testing and molecular diagnostics.

The study covers supporting technology too:
• Automated liquid handling, frozen aliquotting and ultra-low temperature freezing
• Dry-state, room-temperature storage
• Energy conservation in biorepositories
• Consumables, RFID and tagging technologies
• Automated storage and retrieval systems for operational efficiency
• Software and laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

That way, you explore technological, economic, social and political (STEP) questions, assessing outlooks for that area of business. You also analyse the industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

Our report thus lets you assess the potential of biomedical storage and archiving to aid molecular, cellular and tissue-based research. See, then, what the future holds.

Leading companies and 2017 market value

What happens next? Our study predicts the world market for human medical biobanking will reach $24.4bn in 2017, and expand strongly to 2023.

Our report shows you what activities and organisations there hold potential. Its analyses cover these prominent companies:
• Tissue Solutions
• Asterand
• Biopta
• BioServe
• Cord Blood America
• Cryo-Cell International
• Cryo-Save.

Our work also analyses these participants, and discusses other companies:
• China Cord Blood Corporation
• LifebankUSA
• Stem Cell Authority
• ViaCord
• Biogenea
• StemLife
• Future Health Biobank
• NeoStem.

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