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Development History of Industrial Motor Industry In 2021

October 12th, 2021 10:35 AM

Industrial motors include general motors and micro motors, which are common equipment in industrial applications. In recent years, as my country has actively deployed policies to promote the transformation of the industrial structure, the manufacturing industry has shifted to the direction of green and sustainable development, and promoted the development of high-efficiency energy-saving motors and product substitution.

Therefore, my country’s industrial motor industry has been in strong demand in recent years, and sales revenue has continued to increase. In 2020, due to the epidemic, my country’s industrial motor sales revenue will be 32.14 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.87%. In terms of domestic industry supply, my country’s industrial motor supply continues to pick up.

Main listed companies in the industrial motor industry: Currently, the listed companies in the domestic industrial motor industry mainly include Wolong Electric Drive (600580.SH), Jiangte Motor (002176.SZ), Jiadian Co., Ltd. (000922.SZ)

The core data of this article: industrial motor sales revenue and growth rate, industrial motor production scale and growth rate

Industrial motor definition scope

A motor is an electromagnetic mechanical device that uses the interaction of electricity and magnetism to realize energy conversion and transmission. In a broad sense, motors include motors, generators and special motors. This article mainly refers to industrial motors in a narrow sense, including general motors and micro-special motors.

Motors absorb electrical energy from electrical systems and output mechanical energy to mechanical systems. Various types of motors are widely used in various sectors of the national economy and household appliances, mainly as power to drive various mechanical equipment; generators absorb mechanical energy from mechanical systems and transfer them to electricity. The system outputs electric energy, and the technological advancement of generators and other related equipment enables people to use thermal, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass and other energy sources to generate electricity to provide necessary electrical energy to various sectors of the national economy and the majority of urban and rural residents;

Policies promote green development and increase demand

In recent years, as my country has actively promoted the transformation of its industrial structure, the manufacturing industry has shifted towards green and sustainable development. Motors are common equipment in industrial applications. More advanced industrial electrical equipment can generate more kinetic energy with the same energy consumption, be more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, in order to actively implement the green development and transformation of the industry, the Chinese government actively implements policies and systems to promote the development of high-efficiency energy-saving motors and product substitution.

The market competition of China’s industrial motor industry is fierce. According to the level of technology and the general market share, it can be divided into three echelons:

The first tier is the foreign-funded industrial motor brand manufacturers represented by Siemens and ABB. The application of industrial motor products of such foreign-funded enterprises is concentrated in the high-end project market such as lifting, metallurgy, building materials, machine tools and food and beverage. The company has mature production lines and a wide range of product coverage, occupying most of the high-end market. And the main mid-range market.

The second echelon is China’s local industrial motor brand manufacturers represented by Inovance, Delta, INVT, and Hekang New Energy, and some Japanese brands such as Hitachi and Toshiba. Manufacturers in this echelon focus on different production areas. For example, INVT focuses on hoisting machinery, metal wire drawing and coal industries, and Inovance focuses on elevator and injection molding machine markets. The second-tier companies mainly occupy part of the high-end market and part of the mid-end market in the areas they focus on. At present, although my country’s leading enterprises are mainly in the second echelon, with the further development of domestic technology, domestic leading enterprises are constantly moving to the first echelon.

The third echelon is China’s local industrial motor manufacturers mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, mostly located in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions. The industrial motor products produced by such enterprises have low prices, serious product homogeneity, and poor product stability. They are mainly deployed in the low-end product market and have a low market share.

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