What would you like to know? GMPresswire is simple to use and super cost-effective for your organisation. But sometimes it might be difficult to know who to contact, or which part of the website to use. So here we have compiled a list of the most often asked questions – hopefully this will help you. If not, then please simply contact us.

Q1How much does it cost to please a Press Release with GMPresswire?

You might not believe this, but its actually FREE to begin with. Thats right, absolutely FREE. Thanks to our innovative software and links to key business, our service is available to clients at a hugely reduced rate. We are very keen on giving new and smaller businesses the opportunity to announce to the world, their news. This is not always possible with competitor newswires. So take advantage today.

Q2How do I release a Press Release with GMPresswire?

It’s easy. Thanks to our integrated software solution, you just fill in the online form, and we do the rest. Log-in, fill in the online form, decide which sector suits your report best, and your release will appear both on the home page, and the industry specific area. It really is that simple.

Q3Can I release the same Press Release more than once?

No, I am afraid you can’t – and we do this for many reasons. But primarily because it serves you no purpose, and you would just be wasting your credits. Your press release will have been disseminated widely – sending the same information out again won’t get you any more coverage – so send something else. Also we want the site to be filled with fresh news – no one wants old news. So write up something new and lets put it out there for you.

Q4When I want to buy extra credits, how do I do this?

It’s very simply to add extra credits to your account. Just log-in, go to your Dashboard and buy new credits there. GMPresswire accept all major credit cards.

Q5Who reads GMPresswire?

GMPresswire is read globally, and all major news agencies, newspapers and media companies have access, every day. Plus Fortune 500, FTSE 250 companies and your clients use it direct, both to keep track of what their own company is doing, and to see what you are doing.

Q6Do you offer a 'Premium' or 'Advertorial' release?

No – we don’t. We make every report special, so there is no need to pay extra to get good coverage. We want everyone to have the same, special experience of using GMPresswire – therefore we don’t want to charge you extra just to get good service. You will get it all the time with us.

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