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Global 3D Food Printing Market 2021 Industry Size, Share, Future Trends, Growth Key Factors, Manufacture Players and Opportunities Analysis by Outlook – 2030

May 28th, 2021 11:38 AM

Global 3D Food Printing Market to surpass USD 1617.99 million by 2030 from USD 350.24 million in 2020 at a CAGR of 16.54% in the coming years, i.e., 2021-30. This growth is anticipated due to increasing mergers and acquisitions across various sectors which will create a worldwide demand for 3D Food Printing Market. Increased consumer demand for mass customization, the ability of 3D printers to prepare food that is suitable and time-saving, customization of nutrients needed by distinct in their food products, gaining the benefit of substitute ingredients, and others are expected to drive the global 3D Food Printing Market. As the world becomes more self-centered, people are seeking more customization in their products, including their food. The demand for mass customization is growing, with different shapes, colors, flavors, nutrition, and textures becoming more common. Food items such as coffee, hamburgers, ice cream, cake, cookies, confectionery, and others are commonly customized.

3D printing is a cutting-edge method of layer-by-layer structuring and development. The computer is programmed with the product design, and the software is also programmed with the same method. The raw materials are fed into the machines in small granules, which are then released by the robot arm to form the 3D shape. Food goods are produced using a similar technology. 3D printers not only assist in the creation of 3D shapes, but also produce food with an appealing appearance and, most importantly, taste. With many companies around the world trying their hand at 3D printing food, technology has brought about enormous change in the food industry. The process of 3D printing technology is known as additive manufacturing, in which 3D deposition printers slowly deposit layers of materials, one on top of the other until a product is formed. 3D printers, which use lasers, powdery materials, and nozzles to manufacture and create food, are opening new doors for the customization of food products by delivering a powerful mix of the right nutrients.

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Global 3D Food Printing Market: Key Players

  • TNO
  • 3D Systems
  • Natural Machines
  • Systems and Materials Research Corporation
  • byFlow
  • Print2taste GmbH
  • Barilla
  • CandyFab
  • Beehex
  • Other Prominent Players

Global 3D Food Printing Market: Segments

Carbohydrates segment to grow with the highest CAGR during 2020-30

Global 3D Food Printing Market is divided by ingredients into Dough, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy Products, Carbohydrates, and Others. Over the forecast period, the carbohydrates segment is projected to expand at the fastest pace. The factors that can be attributed to the preferable use of 3D food printers for the development of personalized chocolates and other sweet food products containing carbohydrates as the main constituent, such as donuts, candies, and pancakes, are accelerating the demand for carbohydrates segment.

Commercial segment to grow with the highest CAGR during 2020-30

Global 3D Food Printing Market is segmented by vertical into Government, Commercial and Residential. The commercial segment held the largest market share in the year 2020. Since it is simple to offer training and maintenance services to consumers from the commercial vertical, the majority of key 3D food printer manufacturing companies target them as their most likely clients.

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Market Dynamics


Demand for customization and nutritious food innovation

The demand for customization is driving the global market for 3D printers, as 3D printing saves both time and effort. The nutrients themselves can be personalized, allowing consumers to benefit from food that is specifically tailored to their nutritional needs. 3D printing enables the development of easy-to-chew food with a formulation tailored to the patients’ nutritional needs. This is likely to aid in the feeding of elderly patients with unique nutrient-rich foods based on their needs. In addition, nutritious food innovation has widened the sector to a global scale. The 3D food printers are used to produce yeast structures that look like crackers and contain spores and seeds that sprout over time.


Time-consuming method and high costs associated with market

Many of the materials used in 3D printing, on the other hand, are converted to paste. There are only a few foods that can be turned into paste. 3D Food Printing Market is also a time-consuming method that necessitates several cooling cycles before the food can be eaten. The requirement for 3D Food Printing Market is that it can solve the current trend of less efficient food customization techniques while not having a high manufacturing cost.

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3D Food Printing Market Segments:

  • By Ingredient
    • Dough
    • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Dairy Products
    • Carbohydrates
    • Others
  • By Vertical
    • Government
    • Commercial
    • Residential

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