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Medical Device Leader Series: Top In Vitro Diagnostics Companies 2023

March 1st, 2021 9:56 AM

How to find commercial prospects for leading and rising producers of in vitro diagnostic tests

What does the future hold for companies of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry? Visiongain’s new report shows you their prospects to 2023. There you see financial results, trends, opportunities and revenue predictions.

To help you assess the future of that industry and market, our study analyses 18 leading IVD developers and manufacturers. That work also explores associated organisations. There you discover how sales of IVD tests can increase and producers’ revenues grow.

That way you discover information you need on established and emerging companies. Read on to scan those organisations and see what their future market could be worth.

Discover forecasts and discussions to help you stay ahead in knowledge

You gain IVD revenue forecasts to 2023 for 11 companies, and the overall industry, with historical data, growth rates and market shares. Also, you see qualitative analysis, business outlooks and research and development (R&D). You receive 80 tables and 95 charts.

Our work lets you assess the most lucrative areas of those technologies, seeing opportunities both for makers of pharmaceuticals and of diagnostic medical tests.

That way you can stay ahead in knowledge of the IVD industry and market, benefiting your research, analyses and decisions. Also you investigate companies at the forefront of companion diagnostics and personalised medicine. Assess their futures.

Now, the following sections highlight what you find in our new study.

See prospects for leading US-based developers and manufacturers

Our report gives you profiles, discussions and financial analyses – including revenue forecasts to 2023 – for top US companies:
• Danaher
• Abbott Laboratories
• Johnson & Johnson (J&J)
• Bio-Rad
• Becton Dickinson
• Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Discover what the future holds for those diagnostic medical device companies.

In our study you assess product ranges and outlooks. You view linked organisations too – alliances and other collaborations. You also see further activities and strategies, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Also, you explore links with the pharmaceutical industry.

Next, our investigation analyses prominent IVD developers and producers in other regions – Europe and Japan.

What are the outlooks for leading European developers and producers?

Our report shows you developments and revenue forecasts to 2023 for leading diagnostics companies based in Europe:
• Roche
• Siemens
• bioMérieux.

Our work shows you where sales growth can occur. Many opportunities remain, with high, growing revenues possible from 2013 to 2023. You see where the best prospects exist.

Find prospects for leading diagnostics companies based in Japan

You also see outlooks for top Japanese companies developing and producing IVD tests:
• Sysmex
• Arkray.

There, you assess product portfolios, strategies and revenue predictions to 2023.

Our report shows you competitive dynamics and potentials of that medical diagnostics industry. You see possibilities for advancing technology and raising sales performance.

Also you explore other IVD developers, finding how they shape that diagnostic medical devices industry.

Who are the prominent emerging companies?

Our work assesses other companies progressing in that field. There you discover activities of these emerging players and their associated organisations:
• Dako (Agilent Technologies)
• Genomic Health
• Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)
• Life Technologies
• MDxHealth
• Myriad Genetics

The chapters of our report show outlooks for a wide range of companies, from multinationals to emerging specialists in medical diagnostic testing. That way you discover sales data and underlying trends, seeing what the present and future hold.

Find revenue predictions for the overall world market and its components

Our report also forecasts the overarching IVD market and its main segments. There you see individual forecasted revenues to 2023 for seven world-level submarkets:
• Point-of-care (POC) tests
• Clinical chemistry
• Immunochemistry
• Haematological diagnostics
• Microbiological applications
• Genetic testing agents
• Other products.

That study predicts overall world IVD revenues will reach $81bn in 2017. Those analyses show high growth from 2013 to 2023. In them you discover the sales potential of the world market and find its most promising segments – vital areas to watch.

Progress will occur this decade, with product launches and new market entrants. Our analysis shows large companies and specialty healthcare firms will develop and prosper.

Discover now opportunities and potential revenues for the IVD market and its leading participants – established and rising companies.

Six ways Medical Device Leader Series: Top In Vitro Diagnostics Companies 2013-2023 helps you

To sum up then, our investigation gives you the following knowledge:
• Revenues to 2023 for the overall world market and 7 product subcategories – you discover that industry’s prospects, finding the most promising areas for investments and revenues
• Profiles of 18 leading companies – you assess products, strategies, sales results and outlooks, also gaining IVD revenue forecasts to 2023
• Competition and opportunities – you see what affects that industry, learning what shapes its future, esp. prospects for sustaining and developing business
• Coverage of R&D – you investigate progress in diagnostic research and development, exploring technological and clinical possibilities
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains that industry and market – you assess challenges and strengths, helping you compete and gain advantages
• Prospects for established competitors and firms seeking to enter the sector – you explore needs, practices and outlooks for future success.

You gain information found nowhere else

That work gives independent analysis. You receive business intelligence found only in our report, seeing where technological and financial prospects are most rewarding.

With our study you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See how you could benefit your research, analyses and decisions, also saving time and getting you recognition for technological and commercial insight.

Discover prospects for leading IVD producers by ordering now

Our investigation is for everyone needing analysis of the industry and market for diagnostic kits, theranostics and related medical products. There you find data, trends, opportunities and predictions. Please order our report now.

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