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The Aluminium Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2023

February 24th, 2021 4:23 PM

The previous year has seen a continuation of volatility in aluminium market prices, with prices increasing from $1843 per tonne in August 2012, to a high of $2087 per tonne in December 2012, to current prices of $1842 per tonne. At current market prices, Visiongain estimates that 33% of aluminium producers are operating at a loss. A few nations have seen government intervention to absorb losses by aluminium producers, or providing tax breaks or cheaper energy. This government intervention is resulting in a large quantity of over-supply of aluminium suppressing prices further. Excessive warehousing of aluminium is also a result of the over-supply, with an estimated 5.5 million tonnes stored. Visiongain determines that global aluminium consumption in 2013 was 46.1 million tonnes reaching a market value of $76bn.

However, the global aluminium market will exhibit growth over 2013-2023 and this will be driven by growth in the emerging markets. These emerging markets will be characterised by clear immaturity and strong economic growth and this will increase the quality and quantity of consumer purchases. The low energy costs will also see aluminium production shift towards the Middle East and North West China.

Why you should buy The Aluminium Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2013-2023

• Stay ahead with this comprehensive analysis of the aluminium market prospects
– The report comprises 145 pages
• Get ahead by studying highly quantitative content that delivers solid conclusions benefiting your research and analysis
– 140 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying and forecasting the aluminium market
• Read exclusive expert opinion interviews from industry specialists informing the analysis
– UC Rusal, the world’s largest aluminium producer
– Silver Ice Beverages, who have transitioned to aluminium packaging.
• View global aluminium market forecasts from 2013-2023 to keep your knowledge one step ahead of the competition
– The report provides an analytical overview with detailed sales projections and analysis of the market, the competitors, and the commercial drivers and restraints.
– Global aluminium consumption forecast 2013-2023
– Global aluminium market value forecast 2013-2023
– Global aluminium composite price forecast 2013-2023
• Keep informed about the potential for each of the aluminium submarkets with consumption forecasts from 2013-2023:
– Transportation forecast 2013-2023
– Construction forecast 2013-2023
– Packaging forecast 2013-2023
– Consumer Goods forecast 2013-2023
– Electrical forecast 2013-2023
– Machinery forecast 2013-2023
– Other forecast 2013-2023
• Learn about the opportunities in 15 leading regions with aluminium consumption forecasts between 2013-2023:
– China forecast 2013-2023
– Other Asia forecast 2013-2023
– Japan forecast 2013-2023
– India forecast 2013-2023
– North America forecast 2013-2023
– US forecast 2013-2023
– Canada forecast 2013-2023
– Western Europe forecast 2013-2023
– Germany forecast 2013-2023
– Eastern Europe forecast 2013-2023
– Russia forecast 2013-2023
– Latin America forecast 2013-2023
– Brazil forecast 2013-2023
– Middle East forecast 2013-2023
– Oceania forecast 2013-2023
• Find out about the market dynamics & opportunities in 15 leading countries
• Understand the competitive landscape with market share data and profiles of the 10 leading aluminium producers examining their positioning, products, services, focus, strategies and outlook.
– Aluminium Company of America (Alcoa)
– Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)
– Aluminium Corporation of China (Chalco)
– BHP Billiton
– Dubai Aluminium Limited (Dubal)
– Hindalco Industries Limited
– National Aluminium Company (NALCO)
– Norsk Hydro
– Rio Tinto Alcan
– UC Rusal
• Discover the qualitative analysis informing the aluminium market forecasts
– SWOT analysis of competitive factors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats revealing what drives and restrains the industry and the prospects for established companies and new market entrants.

What makes this report unique?

Visiongain consulted widely with industry experts and full transcripts from these exclusive interviews with UC Rusal and with Silver Ice Beverages are included in the report. As such, our reports have a unique blend of primary and secondary sources providing informed analysis. This methodology allows insight into the key drivers and restraints behind market dynamics and competitive developments, as well as identifying the technological issues. The report therefore presents an ideal balance of qualitative analysis combined with extensive quantitative data including global, submarket and regional markets forecasts from 2013-2023 – all identifying strategic business opportunities.

How The Aluminium Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2013-2023 report can benefit you

Visiongain’s report is for anyone requiring analysis of the aluminium industry and market. You will discover market forecasts, technological trends, predictions and expert opinion providing you with independent analysis derived from our extensive primary and secondary research. Only by purchasing this report will you receive this critical business intelligence revealing where revenue growth is likely and where the lucrative potential market prospects are.

If you buy our report today your knowledge will stay one step ahead of your competitors. Discover how our report could benefit your research, analyses and strategic decisions, saving you time. To gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market and keep one step ahead of the competition you must order now our report The Aluminium Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2013-2023

Press Release

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